Welcome to North Shore Restorative Yoga

North Shore Restorative Yoga is a boutique yoga healing arts studio and wellness centering the village of Magnolia in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We offer an intimate, sacred space to practice vinyasa flow, the basics, and slow, gentle restorative yoga. Safely stretch your body, gently calm your mind and inspire your heart with our variety of class offerings that NEVER SKIP SAVASANA! Our experienced instructors are masters of yoga instruction and deep relaxation. We offer daily classes, workshops and private sessions to include Vinyasa Flow and Restore, Slow Flow, Gentle Restore, Basics, and Relax and Restore. Link to schedule ›

Welcome to North Shore Restorative Yoga

North Shore Restorative Yoga is a boutique yoga healing arts studio and wellness center on the North Shore of Boston. We offer an intimate, sacred space to practice the basics and slow, gentle restorative yoga. Safely stretch your body, gently calm your mind and inspire your heart with our variety of class offerings that NEVER SKIP SAVASANA! Our experienced instructors are masters of yoga instruction and deep relaxation. We offer daily classes, workshops and private sessions to include Flow and Restore, Slow Flow, Gentle Restore, Beginners, and Relax and Restore. Link to schedule ›

Everyone is welcome here


Our classes are designed to meet everyone’s needs.

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, our space will support your path to yoga and healing. We highly encourage students to register online to secure your space in our daily classes that are intended to be small so that each student receives specialized attention. Register Now on Mindbody or drop in and check out our beautiful studio!


Drop in rate $17
10 Class Card $150
Visa and MasterCard only


Flow and Restore

The perfect balance. Breath. Movement. Relaxation. A joyful vinyasa flow with attention to breath to warm and tone the body with traditional yoga poses followed by calming, therapeutic restorative poses to soften the body, mind and open the heart.

Yoga Foundations

A slower paced yet challenging all levels class. The class is moderately paced to cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance within a gentle, continuous sequence of postures. This slow yet powerful class is intentionally structured for students to go deeper and experience the nuances of the mind and body as they mindfully explore the subtleties of each pose through sustained holds and movement. A deep sequence of poses will focus the mind, calm the nervous system and open the body.

Gentle Restore

Breathe, relax and connect to your body with compassion and kindness through each movement. Learn that slowing down and paying attention is powerful medicine and the heart of yoga. Find mindfulness in motion leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed.


Learn the basics with a smile…and then learn them again and again and again. This class is for the first time yogi and the experienced yogi. No judgement. No expectation. Just you, your body and breath moving slowly, gently and mindfully. You will never regret it.

Relax and Restore

Just be. A powerful, gentle and simple practice using bolsters, blocks and supported postures to bring the body back to balance. Focus on your breath and guided visualizations to harmonize the mind, body and heart.



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Katie, ERYT and founder of North Shore Restorative Yoga, found yoga and instantly fell in love. She realized that yoga was a lifelong practice to true self-love, healing and transformation. Always a spiritual seeker on the path to find happiness and health, the physical practice of yoga and the philosophy continuously remind her to reconnect to the wisdom of the body, the witness of the mind and the light of the heart. She is a teacher, counselor, mother and student, always returning to the path of yoga to anchor her during the most challenging times, the most joyful times and all that life offers in between.

Katie enjoys all forms of yoga and her heart was drawn to the deep healing of restorative yoga as a way to cope and find resilience with the many challenges that life can bring. By supporting the body with props in simple, yet deeply therapeutic poses, linked with slow, mindful breathing, Katie found that by being still, she could truly experience the true essence of healing and heart opening.

Katie inspires her students to awaken and reconnect daily to their bodies through gentle, mindful movement that encourages physical, mental and emotional well-being. She empowers students to cultivate mindful awareness that restores balance and healing on and off the mat. With advanced degrees in psychology and conflict resolution and her passion for restorative yoga, Katie hopes to encourage a journey back to the heart of what truly matters to each individual through this ancient practice of connecting body, mind and breath. Katie feels grateful every day that it is her job to lead others towards their unique path of health and happiness.

Courtney completed her 200 hour yoga teaching training in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2015 and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Her three teachers had diverse backgrounds in styles and lineages including Kundalini, Kripalu, Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bhakti and more. Courtney is most interested in authentic and creative expression, through the mind, body and spirit. She recognizes how the expansive and difficult to summarize practice of yoga can help all of us harmonize with our truth and find sustainable joy through this alignment. Holding space for whatever arises and improvising in the moment to welcome individuals and groups into presence are skills Courtney is constantly refining. Courtney is passionate about the alchemy that occurs through the experience and recovery from all forms of addiction and dis-ease. She looks forward to building community and hosting fun workshops, discovering the connections and parallels between the art of yoga and the art of creative expression. Experiences in these classes and workshops can reveal the remarkable benefits of regularly practicing different forms of yoga and creativity.
Additional Information: Graduate student at Lesley University studying Mental Health Counseling with Expressive Arts Therapy
To Amy, yoga is a means of balance, strength, love, and peace of mind; a moving meditation. She believes that the lessons we face in yoga can be applied to everyday life. Expect sequencing designed around safety and alignment, while seamlessly linking breath to movement. These fluid, intentional movements are intended to help students cultivate and deeper mind/body awareness. Amy aims to leave all students, of all-levels, feeling connected, open, and inspired.

She has been teaching since completion of her 200hr certification in 2013, and has since trained with Bec Conant of OmBirths. Through this training, Amy has gained a certification in Prenatal Yoga. She is also Usui Reiki certified, and aligns this practice and awareness of ‘life force energy’, or Prana, with her offerings.

Through the equanimity of a consistent yoga practice, her goal is to empower others to connect to their intuitive understanding of their body, mind, and heart.

Nicole’s journey of yoga began when she was a Dance major at The University of Massachusetts and during her studies she attended a holistic- healing dance retreat. While she was there, she was introduced to yoga, meditation, and massage as a way to increase flexibility and strength, and also as a way to reduce tension and open up the body in order to become a more dynamic dancer and performer. Through that experience she also began to understand the body’s capacity for self healing both physically and emotionally through yoga and body work. After graduating college and spending 4 years in NYC studying dance and performing, she decided to continue her studies in yoga as well as become a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki 2 practitioner. She has been a Licensed MT for 17 years and through her work with her clients relieving their daily stress and injury, she has become more convinced of the power and necessity of yoga. She believes that it is an incredible tool that can be used to heal the body and mind!

Nicole is a graduate of the yogaspirit® 200-hour teacher training program and is currently continuing her studies with workshops and philosophy study groups. Her teaching style promotes a non-competitive and healing atmosphere that focuses on technique, proper form and alignment, and injury prevention. Her yoga styles include flow, form, and restorative. She promotes the use of props and assists to allow the body to relax deeper into the poses. She also adds elements of essential oils, gentle massage, and some meditation to help the students to have a more centered and grounded connection to their body and mind. She wants every student to leave class feeling 100 percent better than when they arrived… feeling revitalized, relaxed, and in tune to their body, mind and spirit!

Rhonda joins NSRY bringing 20 plus years of exercise, yoga, pilates and mindfulness practice and experience to share. Her passion for the mind, body spirit connection really blossomed in college recognizing for herself a strong mind is greatly enhanced by a strong body. Most recent trainings include Boston Body Pilates and Wellcoaches School of Coaching to fully integrate her knowledge base for the process of helping people reach their life and wellness goals and creating and realizing their visions.
My journey of yoga began in 2001 after the birth of my second child. As a busy working mom of young children, I appreciated the overall sense of well-being and reduced stress I felt after discovering yoga. Since then, I studied at yogaspirit® Studios to become a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching for over 11 years, focusing primarily on Flow & Power yoga classes, restorative yoga, childrens yoga, and prenatal yoga.

I am a graduate of Kerala Ayurveda® Academy Ayurvedic Counselor Program, and yogaspirit® 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs and currently working towards my 1000 Hour yogaspirit® Yoga Therapy certification. I have also completed Level 1 Reiki Training. I am inspired to share my experiences with my students, encouraging them, through their own practice, to see beyond their self-imposed limitations. “Believe in yourself and the world will follow.”

Marleen Wood is the creator and director of Karma4Kidz, a business dedicated to sharing the joy of yoga, mindfulness and relaxation with children and teens through classes and summer camps. She also teaches children’s enrichment classes involving art and yoga at local schools.

Marleen has offered restorative yoga classes and meditation classes for adults.

She is a certified yoga instructor, a Color Me Yoga certified children’s yoga instructor, a Usui Intuitive Reiki teacher and master. She offers reiki treatments, as well as reiki training.

Christine has been practicing yoga since 2004 and brings with her over 20 years of experience training the human body to be strong and flexile with an intense focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Her teaching philosophy stems from observing that no two bodies are exactly the same and there is no one -size-fits-all yoga practice.
Christine studies with Theresa Murphy, Dan Boyne and Sadie Nardini, combining a unique subset of knowledge of competitive gymnastics and yoga which is offers her the gift of breaking down postures into digestible steps and giving others tools to overcome fear and doubt.
Christine is our in house Thai Masseuse and Astrologer offering workshops and private appointments.
Steve has been a consistent and inquisitive practitioner of yoga for over 25 years. He has been teaching his unique style on the North Shore of Boston for 15 years and is a 200 hour CYT.
Steve`s practice is based in Hatha and Ashtanga disciplines and influenced by the teachings, philosophies and discoveries of Elaine Wintman, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Barbara Benaugh and Richard Freedman.
Steve`s classes invite you to breathe, move, explore and relax in your body.
Steve is certified by the Veteran`s Yoga Project to teach yoga to veteran`s suffering from PTSD as well as certified in Thai Yoga Massage.

Restorative Therapy

North Shore Restorative Therapy offers individual and group counseling services with Katie Schroeder. Katie holds dual masters degrees in conflict resolution and psychology and has over a decade of experience counseling adolescents and adults. Katie specializes in mind-body therapies, stress reduction, conflict resolution, yoga therapy and reiki. Each client receives a specialized assessment and individualized wellness plan.

Katie supports each client’s unique journey towards self-love, happiness and health through connection to mind, body and heart. Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs and will teach you tools and techniques to support you in your daily life.

Schedule your first session by contacting:
Email: info@nsryoga.com
Tel: 978-239-8063


Yoga is union, love and gratitude. North Shore Restorative Yoga was born from the love, discipline and respect of many people. Katie is forever grateful for every student and teacher that has supported her along the way AND for the practice of yoga that united their spirits and ignited the alchemy and creativity inspiring the creation of NSRY.
North Shore Restorative Yoga is grateful for all the love and support that inspires and creates a yoga healing arts studio. Here we honor those who have supported us along the way!

Virginia Peck – Faces of Buddha

Virginia Peck - Faces of Buddha
Virginia Peck - Faces of Buddha
Virginia Peck - Faces of Buddha
Virginia Peck - Faces of Buddha
Virginia Peck - Faces of Buddha
Virginia Peck - Faces of Buddha

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North Shore Restorative Yoga is a boutique yoga healing arts studio and wellness center on the North Shore of Boston. Our classes are designed to meet everyone’s needs, whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner.

Our studio is in Gloucester, MA

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